How To Help Your Child After Dental Surgery

Dental surgery can be extremely stressful not only for you but for you child. Helping support them can be difficult depending on the type of procedure and how long the procedure takes. Everything can be stressful from deciding when or if to give them pain medication all the way down to what types of food you should give them. After surgery they may be wiped out, and finding the right support to help keep them comfortable and still give them what they need may be stressful. Here are some things to know about how to help your child after they have experienced a dental surgery.

Find healthy but soft foods that they can enjoy. This may include yogurt, or a popsicle. A little flavored water is good in order to keep them hydrated while avoiding the sugar. They may not have consumed anything since the night before, depending on the procedure, so ensuring they have something that will give them energy is critical without giving them something too heavy.

Always follow the after-surgery procedures given to you by the dentist. While most children can take Tylenol after surgery, you’ll want to make sure that you know when and how much they should receive.

Don’t have them brush and floss the area, unless the doctor has requested. The area will need time to heal. Once you are able to, have your child brush and floss using a soft bristled brush. Gently brushing is critical.

While surgery can be stressful, these tips will help get you and your little one situated. For more information on dental surgery before and after procedures, contact Dr. Cameron Fuller.


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