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Your Child Has A Cavity, Now What?

Your child has gone to the dentist for their regular checkup and now you are faced with the dreaded news that they have a cavity. They may brush and floss regularly.  You may even limit the amount of sugar they consume. It's okay, no reason to panic. Here is the steps that Dr. Fuller and his team take in order to ensure this is as smooth a process as possible. Taking care of the cavity as quickly as possible is critical to decrease the potential for other problems later on. Dr. Fuller and his team will walk through the plan with you. But depending on the cavity, they will either schedule an appointment right away or they will schedule an appointment for an available date.  Once the appointment comes, Dr. Fuller will numb the area. If you have concerns about the numbing process make sure to ask questions ahead of time. Once the area is numb, they will work to remove the cavity by utilizing the least restrictive method possible. They are going to make sur

Should You Send A Toothbrush To School With Your Child?

Dental health is essential for your child and the longer that food is able to stay on their teeth the more likely they are to have a problem with decay or cavities. Providing them with a toothbrush at school can decrease this problem, and decrease their risk of having cavities. Having your child brush their teeth after consuming a meal is the best way to ensure their smile stays healthy, however, if your child refuses to brush their teeth at school here are some other things you can do to help. Send water with fresh fruit or vegetables in it. After they consume lunch, water can help to rinse food especially high carbohydrate foods off the front of their teeth. Vegetables also help to keep their smile healthy because it can increase their salvia and keep them from becoming dehydrated during the day. Pack foods that are low in carbohydrates. We have talked about this in other blog posts, but the higher the concentration of carbohydrates the more likely it is for food to stick

Do You Love Your Pediatric Dentist?

It can be difficult and stressful to pick a dentist for your little one that is going to meet all of your needs. There may be a great dentist, but the front office causes you to pause. Or maybe the dental assistants are nice, but you worry the dentist is not quite what you are expecting. But it is different with Dr. Fuller and his dental team. From start to finish you are going to find a caring and committed team. The front office is there to help get you and your little one the best care possible. They will organize and take care of your upcoming appointments, billing, and scheduling any treatments that are needed in the future. Dr. Fuller and his team work to provide you and your little one the comfortable experience you deserve. Once your child is in the chair, you can guarantee that they are in great hands with individuals who are going to provide the care they need. If you have questions, they would be happy to answer them, if your child is anxious, they are great at