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Why Does Dental Health Matter In Baby Teeth?

It may seem that taking care of baby teeth is not that important, after all they do just fall out after a certain point. However, baby teeth are setting the stage for your children’s other teeth and are critical to the health of their smile as they get older. Not only do their baby teeth set the stage for the health of their permanent teeth, they are also saving a space for their permanent teeth before they even erupt.   Baby teeth, provide the appropriate location for children to say certain sounds as they begin to talk. Without having their baby teeth in the right location, certain sounds can be difficult for them to say. This may lead to speech and reading problems, or self-confidence issues as they are unable to express their wants and needs in a way that people understand. Baby teeth that have decay or cavities can lead to a student missing days of school for dental pain or extensive dental procedures. Taking care of their baby teeth can ensure they are in school and abl

Summer Space Saving Suggestions For Your Dental Items

As we head into summer you may be feeling the heat on your skin, and the excitement in the air as your children wind down from another exciting year of school. You may be even thinking and planning for your vacations and deciding where you are headed this summer. But when planning your summer get-a-ways don’t forget to plan for your dental care items as well. Summer is a time for high sugar foods, higher carbs, BBQ’s and late nights. More people report that they forget to follow through with having their children brush and floss during family vacations than any other time. And often dental items are left behind by the bathroom sink. So, how can you ensure that you have all of the your dental items and still pack light? Go with travel size toothbrushes and travel size toothpaste. It may be fun for the kids to be able to pick out a new small size toothbrush and toothpaste that is only for summer trips. Don’t forget the floss though. Mini size mouthwashes for kids can be use

Get Rid Of Plaque On Your Children’s Teeth

            Plaque is a yellow sticky film that attaches to your children ’s teeth when they consume food. It is a mixture of bacteria and food that adheres to the tooth and can even be in the front of their mouth. Plaque is a problem that can lead, not only to cavities, but to bad breath in children as well. If your children have plaque follow these simple steps to get their dental health back on track. For children, the recommendation is to h ave them brush their teeth with toothpaste 2x a day. Brushing their teeth after they consume food is necessary to keep plague from sticking to their teeth. You want to make sure the toothpaste is one that is appropriate for children. Children’s toothpaste contains fluoride and other items that are critical to keeping your children’s smile healthy. Visit the dentist regularly. When your children have a dental cleaning with Dr. Cameron Fuller and his staff, the professionals are able to remove any plague that is still stuck on their