Do You Have Time For a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies for your children can crop up at any time and while some of them may not be able to be prevented, some can. For example, dental decay that damages the root, causing a need for a root canal, can be prevented with routine cleanings, regular brushing and flossing and ensuring that your child consumes healthy food. While dental emergencies are stressful, we can help decrease that stress.
Dental emergencies can be anything from a cracked or broken tooth, dental pain or toothache. For a toothache we recommend rinsing the area with warm water, if there is food or another item stuck between the teeth, remove it immediately to see if that reduces or decreases the pain. If there is swelling you can apply a cold compress. If the toothache does not subside, it is recommended that you contact Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team in order to schedule an appointment right away.

Sometimes trauma can cause a tooth to be pushed up through the jawbone. If this happens it can be extremely painful and scary. This situation can cause a multitude of problems and the prognosis depends on the overall trauma itself. Contact Dr. Fuller and his team right away for this type of situation in order for him to determine what is going to be next best steps.

For more information on dental emergencies contact Dr. Fuller and his team today!


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