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3 Tips To Storing Your Child’s Tooth Brush To Keep Their Smile Healthy

Did you know how your child’s toothbrush is stored can make a difference on the overall health of their smile. Bacteria on their toothbrush means that the bacteria will be transferred to their teeth when they are brushing. To minimize the risk of bacteria on your child’s toothbrush take these 3 steps. 1.      Store the toothbrush in a dry location, this will minimize bacteria that grows after using the toothbrush. 2.      Keep the toothbrush in an open location. A sealed or closed container creates a place where microorganisms can grow, creating a safety concern for your child’s toothbrush. 3.      Rinse their toothbrush immediately after they brush. Rinsing the toothbrush will ensure there is no food particles or other materials left on the bristles of the toothbrush. The health of your children’s smile is critical. Taking these three steps to keep your child’s toothbrush clean and free from bacteria will help keep your child’s smile healthy. Fo

Prevent Tooth Decay In Your Toddler

Your toddler’s baby teeth are setting the stage for what is to come. By taking care of their smile now, you will help them keep their smile healthy for a lifetime. Some people think that baby teeth are no big deal because they are going to fall out anyway. However, not taking care of their baby teeth can create decay and other problems when their adult teeth come in. Here are 4 ways to prevent tooth decay in toddlers: 1.      Don’t have them drink juice at night, and give them a minimal amount during the day. Once they do consume a small amount of juice have them drink a cup of water or brush their teeth to remove the sugar that wants to stay on the surface of their teeth. 2.      Avoid sugary snacks. Fruits and vegetables are always a better choice because not only are they essential in keeping their smile healthy, the water in vegetables and fruits can keep sugar from building up or staying on the surface of their teeth in between brushing. 3.      Brush and floss their te

Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day Without The Sugar!

This Valentine’s day treat your family to something better than chocolate and candy. There are activities that you can do as a family that are just as fun and help to celebrate the ‘Holiday of Love’ without engaging in unhealthy habits that can damage their smile. Your children can have a smile that lasts a lifetime when it is taken care of. Here are 5 activities you can do, 1.      Go for a scavenger hunt. Find items or things that remind your family of special moments, love or other items around Valentine’s Day. 2.      Go for a mid-morning hike and enjoy spending family time together. 3.      Watch a movie at home with some healthy snacks. 4.      Create a collage of old family photos and find a special place to keep them. 5.      Go to the park and play a game of tag. Valentine’s Day is as much about the memories you create as the chocolate or candy you give. So, this Valentine’s Day help teach your children about special ways to

Should I Repair A Baby Tooth?

When deciding on whether to repair a baby tooth or not, it likely will depend on the type of problem they are having, which in turn makes a difference in the intervention that Dr. Fuller and his team will recommend. If your little one has knocked a tooth out, the tooth may be able to be saved. If this is possible, it is the first choice because it can ensure that your child has the healthiest smile possible. If they get a cavity in a baby teeth it is critical to get this taken care of. If not, unfortunately, your child may be faced with more than just pain. A cavity left untreated can cause problems that impact the adult tooth that is growing just below the surface unseen. Tooth decay is an infection and like other infections it can spread if not treated. The health of your child’s baby teeth is more important than you may think. It helps to hold the place for your child’s adult teeth. Having healthy baby teeth can ensure that your child is able to spea