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Snack time!!!

Nutrition is very important for the growth and development of children.  And, as parents, it can be a challenge to create the well balanced diet!  As a pediatric dentist , I am concerned with the small meals in between the three daily meals.  Snacking or grazing (eating throughout the day)  can lead to harmful effects in oral health.  Set aside time for your child to sit down and eat his/her snack, treat it like a meal. For toddlers using a bottle or sippy cup, we encourage milk only at meal times, and water throughout the day.  We do not advise juice for toddlers and never any soda pop, chocolate milk, gatorade or other sugary drinks!    Never give the infant/toddler milk or juice at bedtime.  This is because as the child sleeps, salivary production declines and the mouth becomes dry which increases the damaging effects of the sugar.  This leads to rampant decay, what people call "baby bottle decay."  If your child insists on going to bed with a sippy cup or bottle, give o

What is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist?

Board Certified in Pediatric Dentistry, what does this title mean?   Dr. Fuller of Pediatric Dentistry of Redlands and Associates , of Redlands, CA explains,  "It is a validation from your peers that you are competent in all aspects of your profession." Before one can take the board exams,  general dentists must apply and be accepted into a 2 to 3 year residency program after completing their general dental degree.  While in their residency program, residents  are trained in child development, restorative/surgical techniques, sedation and behavioral management. Once the program is complete, the now certified Pediatric Dentist may choose to proceed with the steps to become a Diplomate for the American Academy in Pediatric Dentistry .  The requirements include passing a written exam and as well as an oral exam in front of a Board of Examiners. A Diplomate in Pediatric Dentistry is required to take a higher level of continuing education specific to children each year in addi