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Baby teeth: What you should know.

The importance of oral health for a child is paramount.  So many aspects of a child's development depend on a healthy oral environment. At pediatric dentistry of Redlands we specialize in children's oral health, especially prevention. Here is a quick read from CNN on " Baby's teeth: What you should Know ."  

What are sealants?

Dental decay is the most prevalent disease on the planet.  You probably know somebody that has had a filling or some form of dental care due to a cavity.  As a pediatric dentist is it my job to help your child's mouth be the most resistant to getting a cavity.  Since the majority of cavities happen on the biting surfaces of the posterior teeth a method was devised to prevent that for happening.   The ways we do that is by placing sealants.  A sealant's main goal is to create a seal on the surface of the tooth so that it is kept hygienic.  Posterior teeth have deep groves that can be un hygienic.  They are not able to be kept clean and thus are a perfect environment to a cavity to form.  The process is simple.  The tooth is cleaned and the groves are opened if they are narrow.  A conditioner is placed on the tooth which helps the sealant stay in place.  After the conditioner is ready the sealant is place.  The material is placed in the groves so that they are protected.