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Is Your Child’s Bite Off?

The teeth are carefully designed to allow your child to safely consume food without causing damage to their teeth and to avoid problems with their jaw. Having teeth or jaw alignment problems can create damaging long term effects to your child’s smile. Bite alignment problems can be caused by a variety of things including: fillings that are high, injury, thumb sucking, grinding of teeth and trauma. If you notice any problems with your child’s bite, or if they have cracked or broken teeth it may be time to have their bite looked at by Dr.Cameron Fuller and his team. Your child’s bite can be evaluated as early as age 6 or 7. You may notice that their bite is off by their upper or lower teeth sticking out further than their other teeth. Or, they may have unbalanced facial features when their facial muscles are relaxed. However, they may also have crowding of teeth or wide spaces between their teeth. Your child may not need any major dental work done right away, but leaving

Pro’s and Con’s of a Manual Toothbrush

There is so much hype around electric toothbrushes for your children. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. But which one is really better for your children to use? Does it matter? What about manual toothbrushes? Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team can give you the facts on the pro’s and con’s of each type to help you decide which one to purchase for your child the next time you are at the store. The Pro’s : The Pro’s of a manual toothbrush is that they do not require any special battery pack or charging station. If you are traveling this may be a whole lot easier than having to bring these other items. If a child is able to brush thoroughly, they are able to do a very good job of getting the plaque from the teeth. This can help your children’s smile remain cavity free. You have choices with a manual toothbrush. You can choose from cool colors, size of the head - to ensure that it fits comfortably in their mouth - and designs that can help motivate them to wan

What Is Your Teen Hiding?

Are you worried that your teen is keeping things from you? While this can be a difficult time of childhood for children, their smile can help reveal if there is something more than teenage angst going on with them. Here are 4 common things to look for with their smile if you suspect that something more may be going on with them. 1.      23% of teens use a tobacco product. If your teen is smoking they may begin to have signs of yellow plaque that builds up on their teeth. Their gums may appear puffy and red and they may bleed when they are brushing or flossing their teeth.   Or when they get close to you they smell like mouthwash. Many teens attempt to use mouthwash to cover up the smell on their breath. 2.      Drug use is another common problem these days among teens. If they are using you may see an increase in cavities, their teeth, depending on what drugs they are using and how often, may become brittle and break or chip. They may have a higher rate of cavities and have st