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Don’t Wait For the Holiday Season To Be Over

Now is the perfect time to be thankful for your child’s health and happiness. Don’t wait until the holidays are over to have that routine cleaning. Get their smile in shape for the holiday photos and ensure it   is healthy and there are no lurking problems below the surface. The holidays are a festive time and the last thing you want is to be spending time with a child who is in pain or who is struggling with a dental emergency. Getting a routine cleaning done now can save you time and money later. Your child’s smile is precious and taking precautionary measures can leave your family holidays stress free and fun. The foods that we consume over the holidays can decrease the strength of their enamel, it can also leave them with vulnerabilities such as chipped or cracked teeth, but a routine cleaning with x-rays can dig deeper to ensure that your child’s smile is in the best shape and ready for the family photos sure to be taken this holiday season.

There Is No Permanent Tooth?

Has your child lost their baby teeth but there is no permanent tooth growing in. This is a congenital malformation that impacts 20% of people with their molars, and 5% with secondary premolars or lateral incisors. This is an inherited trait and can disrupt the natural smile. Each one of the teeth are unique and have a specific job.   If certain teeth are missing from the smile, other teeth may move into the place of those teeth causing more problems for your smile long term. There is no need to panic. Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team recommend that if this is a problem that your child faces you will want to contact the dentist in order to set up an appointment.   There are several different options that may be appropriate for your child depending on which teeth are missing from their smile. Placing artificial teeth in the spot can ensure they have a beautiful smile for a lifetime, but also ensure that their smile does not have a collapsed appearance from teeth moving into the wro

What’s a Cavity?

Have you ever wondered what a cavity is and how it can be so detrimental to your child’s smile? You may even be wondering why one day your childs smile is healthy, beautiful and then turn around the next day only to find 2 or 3 cavities that have seemed to pop up over night? This can be frustrating, especially when your children do not eat a lot of sugary foods or they brush and floss regularly. Here are 5 common facts about cavities that you may have not known.   1.      Tooth decay is a softening in the tooth enamel that happens from high acidic foods. The acids are created by bacteria broken down in the mouth. 2.      A cavity is a defect left in the tooth. 3.      The highest causes of cavities are: not brushing regularly, foods high in sugar and snacking in between meals. 4.      Cavities can happen when children are brushing and flossing regularly but require a filling in order to be stopped and to not create further problems. 5.      Crevices in the teeth can crea