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De-Clutter Your Children’s Bathroom

Spring is here and it is the perfect time to go through your children’s bathroom and throw away old toothbrushes, old toothpaste containers and empty floss containers. Keeping old toothpaste containers around can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Along with toothbrushes that have not been changed in three months. Taking time to clean up the bathroom with your children can help encourage them to spend time brushing their teeth. Even sprucing up the tooth brushing area, by purchasing a new toothbrush holder, or a new tooth brush, new toothpaste can help your children become excited again about being in the bathroom and brushing.   But more importantly than that, is getting rid of old toothpaste containers that are harboring bacteria and old toothpaste around the top of the toothpaste container. Using old, dried toothpaste decreases the effectiveness of your child brushing their teeth. Tooth enamel is a critical component to keeping your children’s teeth healthy. By

Spring Is Here

Now that spring is here it is time for decluttering and cleaning. But don’t forget to clean out your old toothbrushes and upgrade to a fresh new one. Bacteria can live on your toothbrush and over time it is no longer the fantastic functional brush you need for your children. Spring is the perfect time to go and get your children brand new toothbrushes that have bright colors and help them to enjoy brushing their teeth again. This will help decrease the risk of bacteria, fungus and germs from building up to significant levels.   The other problem with toothbrushes that are used over three months is also the bristles. Eventually the bristles on a toothbrush begin to break down and begin to not be as effective as possible. While adults may not brush as vigorous, children tend to push harder on the toothbrush when they are brushing. This causes the toothbrush to break down faster. Spring is the time for cleaning and if you get in the habit of changing out your children’s tooth

Children Without Dental Care Are 3x More Likely To Miss School

Education is so critical for children today and the less school they miss the better. Children who have cavities and other dental problems that do not get taken care of immediately means it is more likely it will result in those children missing exponentially more days from school than children who do not have dental cavities. The good news is that this is completely preventable. Having your children brush, floss, visit the dentist regularly, eat healthy and consume water can decrease your children’s risk of getting a cavity. This is not all though, decreasing the amount of sugar they consume can help as well. But after they do consume sugar, rinsing their teeth with water or chewing a piece of sugarless gum can help to further decrease the risk of cavities. Severe dental decay can lead to other health problems including malnourishment, dental pain and the need for expensive dental procedures. Helping to prevent dental problems by using preventative measures can ensure that