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What to Expect During the First Dental Visit

Dr. Fuller   is the pediatric dentist at P ediatric Dentistry of Redlands , and recommends that your child should see a pediatric dentist no later than the age of one.  His recommendation is supported by both the A merican Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and   A merican Academy of Pediatrics .  This recommendation was instituted to help prevent the most common medical problem in children, dental decay also known as caries. So now that you know when a child should have there first dental visit, what should you expect? Dr. Fuller doing a knee to knee exam. Children that are less than that age of three are usually not as cooperative as parents would like.  To a pediatric dentist that is okay.  So don't worry about them being a child when they visit. We are trained to work with children with all personalities! With the younger children you can expect Dr. Fuller to not only review the medical history and diet, but to also do a visual examination on your child, discuss