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Don’t Let Your Dental Fears Impact Your Child

            If you have dental anxiety it can be difficult for you to want your child to visit the dentist regularly, or you may find your child picks up on your dental anxiety which can lead to them being afraid of the chair. It is critical that your children understand the importance of visiting the dentist on a regular basis in order to keep their smile in great shape. The only way to ensure that their smile is not impacted in the long run is to have great dental habits and one of these habits is routine dental visits. This is a great opportunity to put your fear aside and to help your children develop a great dental practice for life.   In order to decrease your dental anxiety, follow these 5 tips:   1.      Know the dentist you are taking your child to. Ask questions before you take your child in to ensure you are comfortable with who they are and that you are comfortable with the environment. 2.      Visit the office ahead of time. It can help decrease anxiety just by go

Common Dental Problems Your Child May Face

While it may seem that your child should not face the same dental problems as you do because they have only baby teeth, or maybe they don’t have as many of their permanent teeth in, they in fact, face all of the same problems you face.   Plaque and decay can build up on their teeth causing cavities and if the cavity is not taken care of then there may be a need for a more invasive dental procedure such as a root canal.     Preventative dental care is the key to protecting their smile from plaque and buildup. By having them brush, floss and receive routine dental cleanings you can prevent minor problems from turning into a major dental problem. Gum Disease, while it isn’t typical, in children, is possible. You may notice signs of redness or swollen gums. Without proper treatment, it can lead not only to more severe dental problems such as loss of teeth, but it can also lead to health problems later on. Gum disease is an infection that the body is fighting. Tooth grinding

Are You Setting A Great Example?

Despite what you may think your children are watching you. Are you being a great role model for your children? There are habits you should complete every day in order to support your children’s healthy habits. The example that you set for your children will be the one they follow as they get older. If taking care of your teeth is a priority they will begin to develop this as an important habit of their own. Follow these 4 guidelines to ensure your children know how important oral hygiene is to you. 1.      Make sure you brush and floss daily. Even if your bathroom is not shared with your youngster, they’ll notice whether you have plaque on your teeth or whether your breath is not up to par.  2.      Flossing is the only way to prevent decay from happening and the only way to keep your children’s smile healthy for a lifetime.  3.      Visit the dentist and bring your children along. Allowing them to see you getting a cleaning and other necessary dental procedures don