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Are You Saving Their Baby Teeth?

Doctors may be urging parents to hold onto their child’s baby teeth because one day it may save their life. Research shows that baby teeth contain stem cells that can ensure that your child has the ability to cure a number of diseases, as well as potentially grow tissue.  You may be thinking how can a little baby tooth impact the overall health of my child. Research shows that when the right combination of chemicals are added to stem cells it can actually increase the number of stem cells in order to fight off life threatening diseases and other problems your little one may face in the future.  While some parents are keeping cord blood for this benefit, don’t panic if you missed this possibility. You now have another option. The other nice thing is that you can plan to keep their baby teeth even if you didn’t keep cord blood. This option gives you some extra time to do your research and determine if this is an option for you and your family.  If collected and proper

Protect Your Children’s Smile This Holiday Season

This holiday season safeguard your child’s smile by following these 5 tips from Dr.Cameron Fuller . While family is here and you are enjoying the holiday fun it is still possible to keep oral health habits, however it can be a bit tricky with sugary treats everywhere.   While you are out shopping and walking around looking at lights, bring healthy snacks along with you. It can be time consuming and tempting to stand in line to hand your kiddos a snack that is not great for their smile. Instead plan ahead what to bring.. Take water. Water helps rinse food from their teeth after they have consumed a snack as well as decrease bacteria from becoming out of control in their mouth. Sugar free gum is a fantastic way for children to keep from getting dry mouth. Keep fruits and vegetables in snack packs close by. Not only are fruits and vegetables a healthy snack but it also helps to rinse any carbohydrates that are leftover

What Type of Floss Should Your Child Use?

With so many options for floss available to your children it can be tricky to decide on the best option. There are so many different types of traditional floss with a variety of flavors that line the shelf along with water pics and a variety of other options it can be difficult to decide on what type of floss that is going to meet your child’s needs.  Here are 3 questions to help guide your thinking. Are your children under the age of 11? If they are younger than 11, their mouth may be too small to fit their fingers in to floss. If they are older than 11 and have a little better dexterity, it may be easier for them to use traditional floss because they are able to move it around in their mouth. For children under 11, you may need to be of assistance to help them floss. 2. Are their teeth close together? a.               The floss on flossers can sometimes break if their teeth are too close together. Regular floss can help with th

Should My Child Have Multiple Loose Teeth At One Time?

It is an exciting time when your child’s first tooth falls out. This is a milestone for them and after one tooth falls out, it can seem as if there are a number of teeth that are now loose. There is no need to panic, it is perfectly normal for them to have 2 or 3 loose teeth at one time and can have up to 6 teeth loose at one time. While most of the time this is no cause for concern and it is perfectly normal here are 3 things to consider when ensuring that their adult teeth are growing in the way they should. Sometimes, two baby teeth will become loose when an adult tooth pushes them out of the way. Some teeth that have an infection or are injured may result in multiple teeth being loose at one time.   If you are worried about your child’s baby teeth or if some of their teeth do not look right, contact their pediatric dentist, Dr. Fuller, in order to get them scheduled for a routine visit. For more information on loose teeth, contact Dr. Cameron