Cavities Are Almost Completely Preventable

It may seem impossible to keep up on your child’s dental care with everything else that is going on, but dental decay is one of the most common problems for children today. A child who has a cavity is more likely to miss school because of pain or because they need a more extensive procedure done. Children with cavities that are left untreated are also more likely to be unhappy or in pain causing them to become easily frustrated and at higher risk of behavior problems.  Here are 5 tips to stopping cavities and keeping your child’s smile as healthy as possible.

1.     Visit the dentist regularly. There are some cavities that cannot be seen with the naked eye. By having your children regularly visit the dentist and get a cleaning as well as x-rays, the dentist is able to see any problems that are lurking between teeth or under the gum line.
2.     Have them chew sugar-free gum after consuming food, especially if they are not going to brush or floss after they have eaten.
3.     Provide sugar-free snacks during the day. Instead of having your child reach for candy, chocolate or other unhealthy treats, keep vegetables in bags or other easy to grab containers.
4.     Avoid ice cream and other sweet treats late at night. Even if they are brushing their teeth there is a chance they have missed a spot and the longer that sugar stays on the surface of their teeth the more likely they are to wind up with a cavity.
5.     Use fluoride toothpaste or other items that have the recommended amount of fluoride. Fluoride can help protect the enamel of their teeth.

For more information about healthy dental habits, contact Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team.


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