Prevent Tooth Decay In Your Toddler

Your toddler’s baby teeth are setting the stage for what is to come. By taking care of their smile now, you will help them keep their smile healthy for a lifetime. Some people think that baby teeth are no big deal because they are going to fall out anyway. However, not taking care of their baby teeth can create decay and other problems when their adult teeth come in. Here are 4 ways to prevent tooth decay in toddlers:

1.     Don’t have them drink juice at night, and give them a minimal amount during the day. Once they do consume a small amount of juice have them drink a cup of water or brush their teeth to remove the sugar that wants to stay on the surface of their teeth.
2.     Avoid sugary snacks. Fruits and vegetables are always a better choice because not only are they essential in keeping their smile healthy, the water in vegetables and fruits can keep sugar from building up or staying on the surface of their teeth in between brushing.
3.     Brush and floss their teeth daily.  Using a soft bristled toothbrush can remove buildup.
4.     Avoid having your child consume milk without brushing.

For more information on keeping your toddler’s teeth free of decay, contact Dr. Fuller and his team today!


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