3 Tips To Storing Your Child’s Tooth Brush To Keep Their Smile Healthy

Did you know how your child’s toothbrush is stored can make a difference on the overall health of their smile. Bacteria on their toothbrush means that the bacteria will be transferred to their teeth when they are brushing. To minimize the risk of bacteria on your child’s toothbrush take these 3 steps.

1.     Store the toothbrush in a dry location, this will minimize bacteria that grows after using the toothbrush.
2.     Keep the toothbrush in an open location. A sealed or closed container creates a place where microorganisms can grow, creating a safety concern for your child’s toothbrush.
3.     Rinse their toothbrush immediately after they brush. Rinsing the toothbrush will ensure there is no food particles or other materials left on the bristles of the toothbrush.

The health of your children’s smile is critical. Taking these three steps to keep your child’s toothbrush clean and free from bacteria will help keep your child’s smile healthy. For more information on decreasing the risk of bacteria, contact Dr.Cameron Fuller and his team.


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