Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day Without The Sugar!

This Valentine’s day treat your family to something better than chocolate and candy. There are activities that you can do as a family that are just as fun and help to celebrate the ‘Holiday of Love’ without engaging in unhealthy habits that can damage their smile. Your children can have a smile that lasts a lifetime when it is taken care of. Here are 5 activities you can do,

1.     Go for a scavenger hunt. Find items or things that remind your family of special moments, love or other items around Valentine’s Day.
2.     Go for a mid-morning hike and enjoy spending family time together.
3.     Watch a movie at home with some healthy snacks.
4.     Create a collage of old family photos and find a special place to keep them.
5.     Go to the park and play a game of tag.

Valentine’s Day is as much about the memories you create as the chocolate or candy you give. So, this Valentine’s Day help teach your children about special ways to create memories and save their smile from dental cavities and decay at the same time. For more information on keeping your child’s smile healthy, contact Dr. Fuller and his team today!


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