How Sugar Impacts Your Child’s Smile

We all know that sugar can be damaging to the body, but do you know how harmful it can be to your child’s smile? Decay can happen when teeth enamel is attacked by acid. While sugar not only impacts your child’s overall health and can be the difference between a healthy body and diabetes, sugar can also be incredibly damaging to the smile.

The Average American consumes an average of 22 teaspoons of sugar a day, but the recommendation for an adult is only 6 and is less than that for a child. Once your little one consumes sugar, the substance stays on the surface of their enamel. The longer the sugar remains on the surface of their teeth the longer it mixes with the saliva that is in their mouth and then can cause decay and cavities.  It can soften the tooth enamel causing them to be susceptible to decay for up to thirty minutes after consuming food or drinks. Having your child drink water instead of Gatorade, fruit juice, milk or other drinks, especially in the evening, can ensure your child’s smile is healthier.

For more information on how sugar can negatively impact your child’s smile, contact Dr. CameronFuller and his team.


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