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Information On Your Child’s Dental Check-Up

School is beginning and one of the reasons that kids miss school is due to dental pain and problems. This may include decay that lands them in the chair needing a root canal, or a cavity that gets worse and causes a more severe problem for them. Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team recommend that your children visit the dentist every six months in order to make sure there are in the best health possible.Here are a few things to know before taking your child to the dentist.
The pediatric dentist will probably recommend x-rays if it has been awhile. X-rays help to determine if there are problems in between your child’s teeth that cannot be seen. X-rays also allow the dentist to see the existing bones around the tooth. X-rays should be taken once or twice a year depending upon whether your child is decay active or not. There are plenty of precautions that are taken in order to limit the amount of radiation exposure.
Ask your pediatric dentist if they recommend any treatment. It is importan…

My Child Has Stains On Their Teeth-Now What?

Stains on your teenager’s teeth may make them crazy. You may have noticed they smile less, or attempt to hide their teeth when they smile. Your daughter may have even tried an at-home remedy off of Pinterest or Facebook they heard can remove the stains, but there is a better way. Instead of whitening with at-home remedies that do not work, have your daughter try these tips and tricks instead.

Start by increasing their fruits and vegetables. This may seem silly, but it can stop staining problems in its track. The high water concentration in fruits and vegetables (apples, pears and cucumbers) can help to keep food from sticking on the teeth and then leaving stains to tarnish the pearly whites. Your teenager should avoid drinking teas, coffee and sodas. All of these items increase the risk of staining and can damage enamel as well. Fruit infused water or other types of water can help keep the saliva in their mouth flowing, which decreases bacteria in the mouth and overall staining.

Cosmetic Procedures For Your Teen

Your teen may be home and complaining about their smile, it can be difficult for them because of pressure from peers or other stress that can impact their life. But if they are asking for you to pay for veneers or other cosmetic procedures, prior to making this choice, here are the facts about cosmetic procedures.
Braces can help fix crooked teeth. If your teen brushes and flosses and follows the necessary routines with braces they should not have any permanent impact from braces. It is important that they take care of them.
Whitening procedures in-home or in the dentist office can remove staining. Prior to any whitening procedures though it is important to discuss all options with your child’s dentist. There are also other ways they can whiten their teeth and some foods actually prevent staining.
Enamel shaping can help to even out chipped or broken teeth. This can help your child’s smile and improve their confidence. This procedure can also be done to improve gaps between their t…

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When Should I Add My Child To My Dental Insurance

Your baby’s teeth begin to grow while you are pregnant. It is important to eat healthy during pregnancy. But once your baby is born, you may be wondering when is the right time for you to add your baby to your dental insurance. Should you get it right away? Or should you wait until they are older? When you are pregnant there are hundreds of questions running through your mind. There is no reason to worry about this one also.
Dental insurance is a great way to help make sure your child is going to get the dental care they need when they need it, but what your insurance covers depends on what type of dental plan you have. There may be some that pay for certain procedures and cover a 100% of preventative care. While other insurances may cover 80% of certain dental costs and only 25 or 50% of others. It is important when you are deciding on dental insurance for your child, that you evaluate each plan carefully.
Your child should visit the dentist by their first birthday or when your ch…

Have You Scheduled Their Dental Visit?

School is almost back in session don’t forget to get your kids a dental check-up prior to returning. Kids miss school on average more days for dental problems than any other reason. Most of these problems could be avoided, with a regular dental check-up and cleaning. Every 6 months your child should visit the dentist. At this appointment, Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team may recommend x-rays in order to make sure there are no other problems below the gum line, and no cavities back behind the teeth.
At this appointment they will also clean and polish your child’s teeth. This helps keep them healthy and white. Polishing the teeth, helps to remove plaque from the teeth, to avoid future problems. Your pediatric dental team will floss your child’s teeth, and help to educate them on the importance of taking care of their smile.
It will also be a time to examine their smile and make sure their teeth are healthy and that there are no cavities or other concerns that need to be taken care of pri…