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3 Steps You Can Take To Avoid Your Children Drinking Sugar Filled Drinks

As the holidays are upon us, you may be gearing up for Halloween, family get togethers, pies and sugary drinks. But the more sugar that your child consumes, the harder it is for them to keep their smile healthy. Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team regularly see children whose teeth are badly damaged from the impact of too much sugar. Here are 3 tips to help your children avoid high sugar drinks and keep their smile healthy for a lifetime.
1.Always carry water. You are more likely to get a soda or a drink that is unhealthy if they are really, really thirsty. Having water always available can remove the temptation to purchase high sugar drinks. 2.Avoid purchasing high sugar drinks and having them in your home. Your children will reach for what is easy when they are thirsty. If you do not have anything other than water or milk in the fridge, it makes it an easy choice. 3.Do not have your children drink fruit juices or Kool-aide in their bottle. The sugar they are consuming in those drinks t…

8 Tips and Tricks To Helping Your Children Have A Great Dental Visit

Visiting the dentist can be a very scary time for your child, especially if they have to go because they have a lot of pain or cavities. Having them visit regularly can cut down on the amount of time they have to spend in the chair and the amount of discomfort they may feel from procedures. Dr. Fuller and his team suggest these 8 tips to help your children enjoy their dental visit.
1.Have them brush and floss regularly. 2.Call and schedule a pop in visit for them to meet the dentist and the staff. 3.Avoid having them consume high sugar foods and drinks. 4.Begin washing milk from their gums when they are just a few days old. Then transition to brushing and flossing when appropriate. 5.Read stories about the dental visit, to allow them to know what to expect. Prior to the visit. 6.If they have a cavity do not wait to have it taken care of. 7.Utilize x-rays at the dental office to see problems that are brewing between the teeth. This can help prevent major dental problems that cause you…

3 Common Dental Problems In Kids


Help your Children Love Their Smile

Dental decay and pain can cause an unhealthy and unhappy childhood. From the beginning of their life you can help them grow up with healthy dental habits. After they consume milk you can use a gentle dental cloth to remove milk from their gums. Once their teeth come in, helping to brush and floss regularly can keep their smile on track. But that is not all, regular and routine check-ups are critical to taking care of dental problems that can lead to major problems later on.
Your child's first teeth should erupt between the age of 4 to 7 months. Once their teeth erupt a visit to the dentist can help make sure there are no preliminary problems. Decay in baby teeth can create problems with their permanent teeth. Getting a check-up immediately can ward off any of these problems.
Once they do have baby teeth coming in, you will want to find a soft bristle toothbrush that fits in their mouth. The head of the toothbrush has to comfortably fit, otherwise this can create an uncomfortabl…

5 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Your child is getting older and they may have lost all of their baby teeth. When they were younger you may not have given much thought to their dental care, but as they continue to get older it is important to provide strong daily healthy dental habits to keep their teeth in shape. Their teeth when properly taken care of, can last a lifetime. Implement these 5 healthy habits and protect their teeth.
1.Visit the dentist regularly. Your pediatric dentist can help to keep your children on the right path with healthy habits. 2.Implement regular brushing and flossing routines. There is no other way to remove the food from between their teeth and from the surface of their teeth. 3.Have them drink water regularly? Water helps prevent dry mouth which keeps the bacteria already growing in their mouth under control. 4.Avoid high sugar snacks in their lunches. When they are at school or out and about they are less likely to brush after lunch. Avoid treats with high levels of sugar that will sta…

4 Fall Drinks Your Kids Should Avoid

With the cooler weather you may be gearing up for warm drinks to keep your kids warm as the snow storms and rain begins to move in but these 4 fall drinks can damage the health of their teeth and increase the risk of cavities. There are multiple options in the store aisles that promise to have lower amounts of sugar or are fat free, but Dr. Cameron Fuller suggests, “Avoid these 4 altogether to decrease the chance of cavities in your children.”
1.Egg nog. Egg nog comes in lots of different flavors and varieties but not only is egg nog high in fat, it is high in sugar as well.Egg nog has over 20 grams of sugar in just one 8 oz. cup. 2.Apple cider is a tempting warm drink to give your children on those cold mornings as they get ready for school. However, apple cider has over 65 grams of sugar when you combine the delicious taste of carmel and whip cream to your children’s drink. 3.Hot chocolate comes in regular, mint, peppermint and a host of other flavors. One cup of regular hot chocola…

5 Alternatives To Halloween Candy

There is no reason why your children need to run the risk of cavities and dental decay. There are plenty of other foods out there that can cause problems for your child’s teeth, but there is no reason for them to be exposed even further. Here are 7 alternatives to having your child fill up on the empty calories of candy and risking their smile.
1.Go to a movie instead. While you are enjoying a movie with the family, they can be consuming a healthier snack such as butter-free popcorn. 2.Have a few friends over and enjoy backyard games and fun activities. When it is time for trick or treating, instead of going out enjoy a backyard movie showing, Connect 4 or Yahtzee. 3.Have your children turn in some of their candy for a toy or a book they have been wanting. This can help encourage them to choose healthier options. 4.Visit the houses with the teal pumpkins. These are the houses that are giving out items rather than candy for children who have food allergies. 5.Trade each piece of candy…

2 Ways To Tell That Your Pediatric Dentist Is A Good One For Your Kids

It can be so difficult to pick out a great pediatric dentist, but it is one of the most important jobs you will do as a parent. Finding the right dentist for your kids can ensure that healthy dental habits begin early. If your children are afraid of the dentist or equate bad dental experiences when they have to visit the dentist, they may grow up and choose not go to the dentist as an adult. Here are 2 ways to tell if your pediatric dentist is great for your children.
1.Friendly atmosphere that is family oriented. The dental office should be warm and inviting. When you enter the office you should be greeted with a hello and so should your child. You may want to see how easily they are able to build a comforting relationship with your child before scheduling a second visit. If your child is not comfortable, it may be time to find someone else. 2.Do they explain procedures to you in a way that makes sense? There is never a dumb question or a question that you shouldn’t ask when it come…