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How To Find A Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists are specialists that have additional experience in helping children. They attend additional schooling in order to learn about, not only the anatomy of a child’s mouth, but also behavioral and developmental challenges that children will face as well. "Pediatric dentists are important to treating your children’s smile," says Dr. Cameron Fuller. Here are a few ways to find the best pediatric dentist in your area. 
Ask friends and family whom has kids the same age. They can be your best assets when it comes to picking a pediatric dentist. If they wouldn't take their kids to a particular dentist they are not going to recommend you do.Ask other parents at sporting events for kids, kid’s clubs or other children’s activities where kids gather, for advice. All of those parents should be having their little ones seen somewhere for dental care.Look on the Internet. Reviews on Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google can help you find a loc…

Your Child’s Teeth Could Be Impacting Their Sleep

Untreated dental decay can cause problems for children, especially when they are sleeping and relaxed. While dental decay can be found and treated, it often goes under the radar until it is causing pain for the child. Not brushing and flossing, not visiting the dentist regularly and an unhealthy diet can cause tooth decay.  Dr. Cameron Fuller says, "your child is up during the day running and playing, they may not notice how much pain they are in or that their teeth are bothering them."
Tooth decay can cause extreme pain, swollen and bleeding gums, and dark spots on the teeth. They may also present with white or brown spots on the enamel of their teeth. While left untreated, decay begins to cause pain and could eventually lead to your child needing a pulpotomy, or baby root canal. Not only can untreated decay lead to your child not being able to sleep, losing their baby teeth prematurely and causing extreme pain, it can al…

Healthy Eating Habits to Help Your Special Needs Child & Their Teeth

Eating healthy is the number one fighter against obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and other health problems for children. While exercise is critical, their eating habits will be built while they are kids and will last a lifetime.Dr. Cameron Fuller says, "eating habits don’t just impact their waistline; they also can negatively cause problems for children’s teeth." Here are three easy and healthy tips that you can change today to provide healthy eating options for your child with special needs.
1.Increase their water intake. Water helps rinse teeth before and after brushing.Water can also decrease snacking between meals and allow your child to feel full faster. If it is difficult for your child to remember to drink water, or they struggle with the flavor, you can add picture reminders around the house to help. You can also use natural flavors such as fruit to sweeten the water. 
2.Offer apple, grapes, and other fruit for a snack instead of crackers or chips. Crackers and chips stick …

Why Pick A Pediatric Dentist

There is likely a dentist on every corner in your neighborhood. Some are family dentists, some dentists advertise that they work with children, but a pediatric dentist specializes in dental work with children. They spend extra time in school says, Pediatric Dentist Dr.Fuller, specially geared towards providing dental procedures for children. Here are 4 reasons to consider a pediatric dentist when looking for dental care for your children.  Pediatric dentists specialize in your children’s smile. They study the in’s and out’s of what potentially could be impacting their smile. They also study topics such as anxiety in children, building relationships with kids and their parents, and growth and development. Each of these areas allows a pediatric dentist to know your child and what may be impacting them.Pediatric dentists are trained in specific prevention and care strategies to support the dental needs of children. Dr. Fuller states, “A pediatric dentist…

Pediatric Dental Emergencies Happen

In the middle of the night or when you’re on vacation is the most common time for a dental emergency to happen to your child. Anything from breaking or chipping a tooth, to dental pain, or having a tooth knocked out, can damage your child's smile. Dental emergencies can be expensive, painful and time consuming. Don’t wait until it is too late. Pediatric dentist Dr. Fuller highly recommends these 3 tips to reduce the potential of a dental emergency happening at an inopportune time.  Visit the dentist regularly. Routine cleanings and check-ups can limit problems due to tooth decay in children. This routine cleaning allows Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team the opportunity to evaluate any potential problems that may be arising. Plaque can be removed from the surface of the tooth and determination can be made of other dental problems, such as cavities, that may need to be fixed immediately.If your child is playing sports have them wear protective gear. Mo…

Dental care while traveling

It’s the Holiday season and travel is upon us. Often times, when people are packing there are so many other things going on that they forget one of the most important items, tooth brushes. While, it is easy to get another one, here are four easy tips to remembering your dental care products.
1.Have travel toothbrushes that you can pack. “The reason we often forget the toothbrushes is because we are waiting until the day we leave to pack them because we are using them,” says Dr. Fuller. Having designated travel toothbrushes for your children can make packing and remembering them easier. 2.Create a dental floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash travel kit for your kids that you can just throw in your bag and go. Now you don’t need to remember anything for later and you can find it when your children need it. 3.Have your children brush and floss at the same time when traveling as they do when you are normally at home. It is important to keep up the same dental routine at home and wh…

How To Prevent Decay In Your Special Needs Child

Decay can impact anyone and your child is no exception. In order to keep their smile healthy and in tip-top-shape it is critical to follow these four simple steps. While it can be difficult, Dr. Fuller recommends consistently following through decreases the chance of dental problems long term.
First, have your child brush two times a day. It can be good to set up a regular time they will be brushing their teeth. It can help with consistently and decrease difficult behavior if children know what to expect everyday at the same time.
Teach your child to floss properly. While Dr. Cameron Fuller recommends flossing daily, flossing the right way is an important part of this process. When first teaching them how to floss have them sit knee to knee with you. Gently wrap the floss around your finger and glide the floss between their teeth. Consistently flossing can help them maintain this routine for a lifetime.
Fix any dental problems that are impacting them right away. Don’t wait for prob…

5 Ways To Help Your Teen Eat Healthy During The Holidays

Holidays are upon us and time is running out on how to teach your teen healthy habits.As they get older and move on with their life it is important to teach them how to enjoy and appreciate foods that are good for them and taste great. Here are five tips from Dr. Fuller and team to help you work vegetables and fruits into the Holidays. 1.Put fruits on the table instead of cookies. Teens will grab what is easy. Putting fresh fruits easily accessible to them can help deter them from eating the food you don’t want them eating. 2.Put vegetables in casseroles. The Holidays can be busy, instead of eating out, create different casseroles with a mixture of healthy vegetables and spices that bring out the flavor of the casserole. 3.Add fruit into containers of fresh water in the refrigerator. Teen’s who drink water are less likely to snack on food that isn’t as healthy.The more water they drink the fuller they feel. 4.Decrease the amount of cookies and cakes you make this holiday season and f…

4 Ways To Help Your Special Needs Child With Routine Cleanings

Routinecleaningsarethekeytoadecay-freesmileforyourchild.Itiscriticalthattheyareabletovisitthedentisttwotimesayearinordertoensurethattherearenodentalproblemscroppingup.Dentalcleaningscancheckforanyproblemsthatmaybebelowthesurfaceofthegums as well as problems between the teeth. thatyoucannotsee. Seeing the dentist regularlyprovidesthesupportyourchildneeds as it is important for themtoseethedentistasafriend,notonly someone who will help whentheyhaveapainfuldentalproblem.

Beforethedayofthevisit,haveyourchildstopbytheofficeandmeetthedentist.Theymaybeabletotakeatourandseethechair,thex-raymachineandmeetthestaff.Iftheyarenotabletostopbyearly,lookupphotoson-line andshowthemtoyourchild.

Dr.Fuller suggests, “Bringatoythatcalmsthem.”Allowyourchildtoholdatoyclosetothemwhilethevisitisgoingon.Thiscang…