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Proper Brushing Techniques For Kids

It can be frustrating to watch your kids go to the dentist every six months and get back the report that they have cavities. "Or that they need root canals or crowns due to decay," says Dr. Cameron Fuller. Scary bacteria can free roam in their mouth creating a nightmare for you and them. Instead of becoming frustrated read these 4 tips on how to have them properly brush, and decrease their risk of dental decay. 
Have your child brush for 2 minutes. Each side of the mouth should be brushed for 30 seconds. Setting a visual timer can ensure your child brushes for the correct amount of time.Brush gently. It’s a dental myth that individuals who brush harder have a better smile. In fact brushing hard can cause gums to recede causing other problems.Brush in circles. Brushing in small circle motions can decrease the amount of bacteria, plague and leftover food from the surface of the teeth. By removing these from the surface it decreases your c…

4 Reasons You Should Have Your Toddler Avoid Pickles

While your baby is now actively growing into a toddler and has moved from being a baby who coos to now being a walker who tells you what they want, it can be overwhelming to decide what they should and shouldn’t eat. So, we caught up to Dr. Cameron Fuller & asked him about toddlers and the impact of pickles on their teeth. While pickles do not have a direct negative impact on their teeth, it can impact them.
Did you know that pickles can be high in sugar? While many people may think that pickles are an healthy choice, that has extra water, sugar is hidden in the pickles and some have higher content then others. If you are going to have your little one reach for the pickles, make sure to check the label first. The more sugar that a toddler consumes the more likely they are to have problems with their smile.
Pickles can also be high in Sodium. The higher the sodium content the more likely they are to suffer from hypertension which can then impact their body overall.So, for now Dr…

5 Tips To Get Your Kids To Drink Water

Water is essential to keep your child’s smile healthy. Drinking water helps to remove food, plaque and sugar from their teeth in between brushing. All of these strategies and tools give bacteria less time to attack the enamel that is on their teeth. Dr. Cameron Fuller recommends you have your child drink at least 8 glasses of water day and a little more as the weather begins to heat up. Here are 5 tips to get your kids to drink more water.
1.Add fruit into the water. A little fruit goes a long way to helping them think they are drinking something delicious besides unflavored water. 2.Give them small amounts of water to drink throughout the day when they come into the house for a break. Having your kids drink a small amount is better than giving them a large bottle where they only drink a little. 3.Have them drink a glass of water with their breakfast infused with vegetables. This is a great way to get them the healthy nutrients they need at the beginning of the day and still help the…

My Kid Has Yellowish Stains From Swimming

It’s finally warming up outside and swimming season is right around the corner. Or your kids may already be diving into the deep end of the pool and enjoying the warmer weather. Usually the yellow brown stains from swimming do not occur unless your child is swimming up to six hours a day in the pool, but the acidic level of pools differ, which leaves their teeth exposed.
The chemicals in the water causes there to be a higher level of PH in the water which creates the breakdown of salivary proteins which can then cause the hard brown stains on the teeth. Pediatric dentist Dr. Cameron Fuller recommends that if your children are going to be swimming more than usual or you notice the stains beginning, call today and schedule a dental cleaning.
There is, unfortunately, no way to protect against this type of damage other than to avoid the pool. But if that isn’t an option, getting cleanings more often then 2x a year can help keep your child’s smile white and healthy.

For more information…

Do You Have Your Warm Weather Gear?

Spring is here and the weather is warmer, but do you have everything you need to keep your child’s smile healthy when you’re out in the sun? While a quick trip to the store may not seem like a big deal, the longer they go where they have dry mouth the more likely bacteria is growing, causing cavities. Keep an extra bottle of water in your purse or sugar free gum for older children to help prevent dry mouth. The longer your child’s mouth is dry and they are impacted by dehydration the more opportunity there is for bacteria to strike.
Adding a small snack of fruit or vegetables such as watermelon or cucumbers can also help to replenish their thirst before it is too late. If you don’t want a plastic container that can spill in your purse, cut some fruit up and throw it in their water for an extra bonus.These extra nutrients can remove any carbohydrates they may have had for lunch that are stuck to their teeth and it helps to provide extra saliva and moisture to a dry mouth. Dr. Fuller

Facts About Energy Drinks

It may seem there is no harm in your teenager consuming that Red Bull to stay awake in class or drink that Diet Coke on their way to a football game, but in fact not only do energy drinks have the potential to reek havoc on your teenager’s overall health, they can also drastically impact their ability to keep their teeth in tip-top shape. After a game your son or daughter may think they are replenishing their bodies with important nutrients they lost during that sporting activity, when, in fact, research shows they may be doing irreversible damage to the enamel on their teeth.
Pediatric dentist Dr. Cameron Fuller suggests, “Fruit or vegetable infused water can give your child the nutrients they need without loading them up on sugar and other chemicals.” Research further found that after 5 days in a row of drinking sports or energy drinks, teenager’s teeth were damaged.
Enamel is the hard covering on the outside of the tooth that protects against decay and cavities. Without this laye…

The Pro’s & Con’s Of Bottled Water For Kids

When you are headed out for the day as the warmer weather hits, you may be reaching for the bottled water to keep you and your family hydrated. You may want to think again, bottled water may be causing your kids to miss out on a valuable mineral their teeth need in order to stay strong. Dr. Fuller recommends, “Utilize glass or reusable water bottles this summer in order to avoid this pitfall.” Here are the Pro’s and Con’s to store bought water.
Pro’s: 1.Easy to grab 2.Fits inside your purse or summer bag 3.Can get different sizes of water depending on how long you are going to be out for the day. 4.You know that the water is safe and doesn’t contain damaging water particles 5.No need to keep and carry around with you.

Is Your Child Sleeping?

It is often forgotten when your child begins to struggle to sleep what other problems could be going on with them that is inhibiting them from getting a restful night. Children who struggle to sleep may become irritable, struggle to complete tasks and follow directions. But without looking further, it may be difficult to determine the cause. Children who have severe decay may struggle to follow asleep because of dental pain.
Once they are done running and playing throughout the day, their bodies slow down. Once this happens it may give them time to focus on the pain that is now in their mouth. If your child is struggling to fall asleep at night or stay asleep, it is recommended by pediatric dentist, Dr. CameronFuller, that you take a look at their teeth, to see if there are problems that are brewing.
Cracked and decayed teeth may not be able to be seen with the naked eye, so if you have checked out your child for other problems and you don’t seem to be able to find an answer it is …