The Importance Of a 6-Month Cleaning

Your children getting a cleaning every 6 months isn’t just about checking for cavities, it is so much more. Cavities are the tip of the iceberg of dental problems that your child may face. But cavities that have gone untreated can become larger problems that mean dental pain, root canals or more serious dental problems as they get older.

The 6-month dental cleaning also helps the dentist ensure there are no other problems lurking below the surface that may turn into something more, things such as oral cancer, a tongue tie or gum problems. While it may seem that the cleaning is routine, your child comes in, sits down in the chair, their teeth are cleaned and fluoride is given. There is a lot more going on during this dental visit.

This visit is also where the dentist can ensure that your children’s teeth are coming in properly and that they do not have spacing problems that can make it difficult for their adult teeth. Or where they are ensuring there is not a build-up of plaque stuck on their teeth. All of these dental problems can cause situations later on that are painful and create dental problems that may impact them for a lifetime. Start a healthy dental routine with your child, and contact Dr. Fuller and his team today to schedule your child’s 6-month cleaning.


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