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Are You Setting A Great Example?

Despite what you may think your children are watching you. Are you being a great role model for your children? There are habits you should complete every day in order to support your children’s healthy habits. The example that you set for your children will be the one they follow as they get older. If taking care of your teeth is a priority they will begin to develop this as an important habit of their own. Follow these 4 guidelines to ensure your children know how important oral hygiene is to you.
1.Make sure you brush and floss daily. Even if your bathroom is not shared with your youngster, they’ll notice whether you have plaque on your teeth or whether your breath is not up to par. 
2.Flossing is the only way to prevent decay from happening and the only way to keep your children’s smile healthy for a lifetime. 
3.Visit the dentist and bring your children along. Allowing them to see you getting a cleaning and other necessary dental procedures done will help them establish a healthy ha…

Don’t Accept No For An Answer!

If your children are fighting you on healthy dental habits, it is critical you don’t take no for an answer. Your children having a healthy smile is critical not only for their oral health, but for their overall health. Research shows that there is a body and mouth connection. When the mouth has bacteria, decay or cavities it can impact the overall health of your children as well. More children miss school due to dental situations than any other reason. And if you want your children to do their best while they are in school, you can’t have them sitting in class with dental pain.
When your children tell you no, they do not want to brush their teeth. Do not accept this as the answer. Brushing their teeth is the only way to remove plaque and build-up from the surface of their teeth. The longer that food particles and other items are on their teeth the more likely they are to have dental decay or more serious dental problems.

Is Your Child Impacted by Diabetes?

Diabetes can be a deadly condition that requires you and your child to take extra care of the food they are consuming, but did you know that Diabetes also increases their risk of gum disease and other dental problems? The high level of sugar in their saliva can cause build-up and higher levels of plaque. The increase in sugar, that is prevalent in your child when they have diabetes, does not have to cause them to have an unhealthy smile. With these few tips your child can keep their smile in great shape.
Helping them take care of their oral health is critical to keep their smile healthy. The best defense against gum disease and other dental problems is for your child with diabetes to increase their calcium consumption, having them visit the dentist regularly and control blood glucose levels.
Daily care is essential to keep problems at bay. Other daily activities that can keep your child’s smile free from extreme dental problems is changing out their toothbrush every three months, en…