Don’t Leave Your Child’s Dental Health in their Hands

It is easy to want to believe that after a certain point your children are old enough to take care of their own smile or we may assume they are doing a fantastic job of taking care of their smile and they no longer reminders from us to help support them, but this is not true, children often forget to brush the backs of their front teeth, molars, or they rush through the brushing process in order to wrap it up and get to other things they love.

It is also critical that children are flossing correctly. This can be difficult for children, especially younger children who are still developing dexterity. In order for children to really floss, especially the back teeth, they need to be able to reach back there. This can be difficult, which means their smile may be at risk for dental decay and other concerns.

While you hope that your children will be independent and not need constant reminders or you looking over their shoulder. Protect their smile, with help from you. For more information on helping your children keep their smile healthy, talk to Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team.


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