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Can Milk Damage My Child’s Teeth?

Get the facts about milk. While there is so much information out there about milk, lactose and the importance of vitamin D for your children. This one substance can also be causing problems for your child’s smile. Giving your child a glass of milk during the day is a great way to keep their bones healthy, but the lactose in milk is sugar.

Avoid giving your child milk at night to avoid cavities and decay. Even if your child brushes their teeth at night having a glass of milk before bed allows time for the lactose to turn to sugar which then can attack the teeth as they sleep. The sugar sits on their teeth mixing with the bacteria that is already present in their mouth.

The problem lies in the fact that we produce less saliva at night when we are sleeping. Saliva helps to remove food and substances from the teeth. But at night, with a decrease in saliva production, it allows for the bacteria that is already in your children’s mouth to attack their healthy smile.

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It's That Time Again!

Halloween is here and the candy may be lining the shelves of the stores, but that does not mean it has to be filling the counters of your kitchen.

The more access your children have to candy the more likely they are to consume a large amount which not only impacts their overall health but can decrease the strength of the enamel on their teeth.

If you have candy in the house you may want to put it out of reach of your children. Or make a deal with them on how much is an appropriate amount for them to consume. If they are going to eat candy, Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team recommend to have them brush their teeth right away in order to decrease their risk of decay.

While a small amount of candy is okay with the right precautions, too much sugar not only impacts their bodies, but it can have catastrophic long-term problems for their smile. As their baby teeth are the place holder for your little one’s adult teeth what happens to them is critical to the health of their smile.

Are You Happy With Your Child's Smile?

Have you looked at your child's smile and has it you concerned you? Are there yellow stains on your child's teeth? Or white stains? Do they have cracked or broken teeth that have not been fixed? When they brush or floss do their gums bleed? 
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, now is the time to schedule an appointment with the dentist in order to help them achieve the smile they deserve. A healthy, well-taken care of smile can last a child a lifetime. By ensuring that your child visits the dentist when they have small problems with their teeth can create a smile that does not require cosmetic dental procedures in the future.
Our teeth are comprised of the hardest material in our body, but it is critical that we take care of our children’s smile in order to make sure that it lasts a lifetime for them.While your child may just need a really good cleaning, there may be other problems that they are faced with that a little dental visit can take care of.
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