Should I Repair A Baby Tooth?

When deciding on whether to repair a baby tooth or not, it likely will depend on the type of problem they are having, which in turn makes a difference in the intervention that Dr. Fuller and his team will recommend. If your little one has knocked a tooth out, the tooth may be able to be saved. If this is possible, it is the first choice because it can ensure that your child has the healthiest smile possible.

If they get a cavity in a baby teeth it is critical to get this taken care of. If not, unfortunately, your child may be faced with more than just pain. A cavity left untreated can cause problems that impact the adult tooth that is growing just below the surface unseen. Tooth decay is an infection and like other infections it can spread if not treated.

The health of your child’s baby teeth is more important than you may think. It helps to hold the place for your child’s adult teeth. Having healthy baby teeth can ensure that your child is able to speak correctly and aids in their ability to consume certain foods, including apples, carrots and other crunchy foods that can be more difficult to chew.  For more information on keeping your child’s baby teeth healthy, contact Dr. Fuller and his team.


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