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Should My Child Have Multiple Loose Teeth At One Time?

It is an exciting time when your child’s first tooth falls out. This is a milestone for them and after one tooth falls out, it can seem as if there are a number of teeth that are now loose. There is no need to panic, it is perfectly normal for them to have 2 or 3 loose teeth at one time and can have up to 6 teeth loose at one time.
While most of the time this is no cause for concern and it is perfectly normal here are 3 things to consider when ensuring that their adult teeth are growing in the way they should. Sometimes, two baby teeth will become loose when an adult tooth pushes them out of the way. Some teeth that have an infection or are injured may result in multiple teeth being loose at one time.
If you are worried about your child’s baby teeth or if some of their teeth do not look right, contact their pediatric dentist, Dr. Fuller, in order to get them scheduled for a routine visit.

Do You Know The Plan?

There may be several visits to a pediatric dentist for your child. They may tell you that all is good, schedule the next appointment and send you on the way, but have they ever talked to you about a treatment plan for your child? Have they talked to you about what is normal or what you should be looking for in order to ensure that your child’s smile stays healthy?
It can be scary when your child visits the dentist, and sometimes it can be an investment if there are cavities or other dental work recommended, but taking the time to ask questions and talk to your child’s dentist can make sure you have the up to date information you need in order to keep his or her smile in great shape. A treatment plan can help organize any priorities that your child may have.
Some factors that may be taken into consideration for your child’s treatment plan is risk, behavior, and the available treatment options. If your child is anxious at the dentist or if they have multiple treatment needs, these wil…

Don’t Wait For the Holiday Season To Be Over

Now is the perfect time to be thankful for your child’s health and happiness. Don’t wait until the holidays are over to have that routine cleaning. Get their smile in shape for the holiday photos and ensure it is healthy and there are no lurking problems below the surface. The holidays are a festive time and the last thing you want is to be spending time with a child who is in pain or who is struggling with a dental emergency. Getting a routine cleaning done now can save you time and money later.
Your child’s smile is precious and taking precautionary measures can leave your family holidays stress free and fun. The foods that we consume over the holidays can decrease the strength of their enamel, it can also leave them with vulnerabilities such as chipped or cracked teeth, but a routine cleaning with x-rays can dig deeper to ensure that your child’s smile is in the best shape and ready for the family photos sure to be taken this holiday season.