When Should A Cavity Get Fixed?

When your child brushed their teeth and went to bed the night before you may not have noticed the little black spot that has now taken residence on the enamel of their tooth. This morning when you look, it is clearly there. What do you do? Is this critical? Should it be fixed as soon as possible? Or wait until their next dental appointment?

Those small black spots can be an early sign of a small problem that sits on their tooth and becomes a larger problem if not taken care of.  “Even if the cavity is in a baby tooth, it is important,” says Dr. Cameron Fuller, “that you do not wait. Instead it’s important to get the problem take care of as quickly as possible.

Cavities that wait can become larger problems causing pain, and may mean missed school and a need for more in-depth dental procedures. Instead getting the cavity taken care of quickly can prevent your child from needing a root canal or other major dental procedure.

A cavity that does not get fixed can also lead to increases sensitivity to hot and cold items consumed by your children. Leaving a cavity that causes sensitivity may decrease their overall health if they begin to shift the foods they want to consume due to pain.

For more information on cavity treatments, contact Dr. Fuller and his team today.


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