Stages of Oral Health Care

As your children grow and develop, they enter a variety of milestones and different stages. You may have invested in a book that tells you how your child is developing across different ages or skills they will acquire as they get older. Their oral care also has stages that you can track, and that come with a variety of activities you can do at home to help them develop healthy dental habits.

1.     Baby Oral care
·      They do not have teeth that have erupted yet during this stage
·      Use a soft baby brush to brush their gums
·      Avoid putting them to bed with a bottle
·      Avoid putting anything other than milk in their bottle
·      After they consume milk you may want to wipe the milk from their gums
·      Brushing their gums helps to prevent dental decay and stimulates gum tissue

2.     Toddler Stage
·      At about 6 months to 3 years, their baby teeth should begin to erupt
·      Once they have their first tooth you will want to visit Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team, and begin to brush their tooth (teeth).
·      You will need to help them brush at first, but you can begin allowing them to brush using a toothbrush as they near 3 years.
·      The toothbrush should fit comfortably in their mouth
·      Once they have all of their teeth, begin brushing twice a day

3.     Older Children’s teeth
·      Have unique needs than those of a toddler
·      Need to brush and floss 2x a day
·      Visit the dentist 2x a year
·      Eat fruits and vegetables to rinse food off of their teeth between brushing
·      Need to have a toothbrush that fits in their mouth and they should be able to brush on their own

Your child’s unique dental stages can be exciting and can provide a variety of different situations that keep you on your toes. They may have a baby tooth that does not erupt or have a baby tooth fall out when they fall and are injured. For more information on the stages of oral care, contact Dr. Fuller and his team today.


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