How Do You Teach Your Kids About Dental Habits?

The dental habits your children build when they are young are critical to what they will do when they are adults. If they visit the dentist on a regular basis they are more likely to continue that habit when they are older. If they floss now, this will then transform into a habit that they do for a lifetime. But it can be difficult teaching your children these habits.

It is critical to start when they are young. Brushing their gums when they are a month old can begin this important habit. It will help them be used to something being in their mouth and the sensation of brushing. Their first dental visit should be scheduled as soon as their first tooth comes in.

When they visit the dentist for the first time a pediatric dentist can make sure this is a positive dental visit which may mean the difference between success and failure for later dental visits. Dr. Fullerspends extra time building the relationship with patients in order to make sure your children are comfortable being in the dental office and chair. Your child will be able to take time to sit in the chair and meet the staff. Your pediatric dentist makes sure things go slowly so your child is not frightened. This means most times when treatment is needed, your child will feel comfortable and not afraid.

For more information on how to build positive dental habits, contact Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team today.


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