8 Reasons Why Sugar Free Gum Is A Great Choice

Does your child ask for gum in the checkout line and you quickly dismiss this? Now there is a reason to say yes. “Here are 8 reasons why sugar free gum can help to decrease cavities and decrease the need for major dental procedures,” says Dr. Cameron Fuller.

1.     Chewing gum between meals increases saliva production. Increased saliva removes food from the surface of the teeth between brushing and decreases bacteria that can result in cavities.
2.     Sugar free gum can help aid in children’s digestion which can reduce symptoms of acid reflux.
3.     Can save you money on dental costs by decreasing cavities.
4.     Chewing sugar free gum can decrease the desire to consume unhealthy snack foods.
5.     Sugar free gum kills bacteria in the mouth.
6.     Some gums contain xylitol, an ingredient that decreases bacteria that causes cavities.
7.     Chewing gum helps to clean teeth in between meals.
8.     Gum can help to remineralize tooth enamel making them stronger.

While there are lots of reasons to pick gum up gum for your kids the next time you’re standing in line, remember gum will not replace good dental habits. Do not forget to have your kids brush and floss regularly.

For more information on how to improve your child’s smile with more natural remedies contact Dr. Fuller and his team today.


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