7 Reasons Why Smiling Is Good For Your Children

It can be difficult to teach your kids to enjoy the positives of life and to not dwell on the negative. Especially if you struggle to see the positive side of life yourself. But having them take care of their smile by brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist can create a healthy smile they love to show off. Dr. Fuller and his team give you 7 reasons why you smiling is great for your children.

1.     Smiling can change their mood even if they are feeling blue. Pretending to smile and be happy will eventually turn your child’s mood from unhappy to happy.
2.     Does your child struggle with anxiety and stress? A smiling child can help to reduce the overall stress they feel.
3.     A child who struggles to make friends, can increase the number of friends they have and the people they have around them by smiling. Happiness attracts other people that are happy.
4.     Is your child more likely to hold onto the negative? Having them smile more can actually help them turn it around and begin to think more positive.
5.     Smiling improves your body on the cellular level. Bodies that are under constant stress can struggle to stay healthy. Smiling can help to repair the body and keep your children healthier.
6.     If your child struggles to stay motivated in class, an easy trick is to have them practice smiling. Smiling helps to improve overall work production.
7.     Smiling helps increase the creative side of your child.

Happiness creates happiness in others. If your children are smiling, it creates a better world. For more information on the benefits of smiling, contact Dr. Fuller and his team today.


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