What Thanksgiving Foods Should Your Kids Avoid

 While the holidays are upon us, it is critical to keep your child’s dental health in mind. While eating some of the food may not be bad, don’t wait to brush their teeth. The longer food sits on their teeth the more opportunity it has to create a problem in their mouth.  
Pediatric Dentist Cameron Fuller recommends instead of having your children snack on chips, and bread dips, to allow your children to consume fruits and vegetables while they’re watching the football game or helping in the kitchen. Olives can be a great nutritious snack and contain water that helps remove food naturally from the teeth. 
During the turkey time, any food that adds fruits and vegetables into the meal can help increase the benefit to their teeth and add to your child’s overall health. Snack dishes with carrots, tomatoes or celery can offset the potatoes, turkey and rolls. You can also include a new tradition where the snacks are limited prior to eating and the fruits and vegetable dishes help compliment the other Thanksgiving food. 
After your enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner, have your children brush their teeth to avoid any cavities forming. "If they enjoy a small slice of pie, limit the whipped topping to decrease the amount of sugar, they are consuming,” states Dr. Fuller. This extra sugar opens up your children to a host of potential problems. 
For more information on holiday food contact Dr. Cameron Fuller & his team today.   


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