How to win the candy battle with your children

Now that Halloween is over and the candy has entered the cupboards in your house. You may find the little fingers of your children eating handfuls of the stuff. You may be finding candy wrappers in their beds, in the pockets of their clothes and the remnants of the stuff on their lips. These weeks can be stressful trying to balance out letting them have a few pieces and arguing over why they can’t just have one more piece before bedtime. Dr. Cameron Fuller recommends these three tips to help.
1.     Put the candy in a container that has a seal on it and put it up higher in the cupboard or on top of the cupboard where it is out of sight. Children who do not see the candy are less likely to be asking for some.  When you do decide that they can have a piece of two, you may want to consider having them not watch where you take the bag from. Having it put away can also limit the pieces that are taken when everyone is walking in and out of the kitchen.
2.     Have your children consume more water. Often kids think they are hungry when really they are just dehydrated. Having them drink water with fresh fruit can ward off a desire to snack between meals.
3.      Spend time outside or playing games. Overall, adults and children consume more snacks and candy when they are sitting around the house. Encourage your children to spend time outside with you playing football, going for walks and playing a game of chase, then sitting in the house tempted by candy.

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