2 Habits To Prevent Dental Decay During The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching which can often mean extra food in the house. You may have already begun planning your cookies, cakes and treats that you’ll be baking. Don’t let your child’s dental health be impacted by your desire for treats in your house. Implement these two policies and help ward off decay this holiday season.

Have children consume minimal amount of sugary treats. During times when they are complaining of hunger, have them consume a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables. Give them opportunities throughout the day to munch on peanut butter celery, apple slices and other fruit or veggie based snacks. If they are going to eat a brownie or cookie limit the amount to 1. This will decrease the amount of sugar that is sitting on their teeth that can cause decay. The healthy fruits and vegetables in between will help rinse the sugar from their teeth as they have a higher concentration of water.

Once your child has consumed the treat, have them brush their teeth or rinse with water, if a toothbrush is not available. This helps to remove the sugar from their teeth. Decay is caused because sugar mixes with the bacteria and has time to eat at the enamel.

Stick to these two simple rules & save your children from a lifetime of dental pain. For more help, contact Dr. Cameron Fuller & his team today.


  1. it's always loaded with sugar and crunchy food that can affect my kids' teeth. Making sure that they fill up on healthy food seems like a good idea. I'll try your suggestion to fill them up on celery and peanut butter snacks so that they'll be less likely to eat sugary foods. Thanks for the tips!


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