Instead Of Trick Or Treating This Year

While it may be difficult at first for your children to understand, there are alternatives to trick or treating that can keep your children’s teeth healthy and free of decay. Here are five activities that are fun for the family instead of trick or treating.
Watch a movie. Spend a few minutes preparing for a fun at home movie night. Comfortable seating, healthy snacks, popcorn and some drinks. Now you are ready to enjoy a movie night. Don’t put your front lights on & you will let your neighbors know that you are not available to give out candy this year and your family movie night will remain a quiet, fun night at home.

Pediatric dentist, Dr. Cameron Fuller suggests, “Go bowling or hit up a healthy restaurant.” It can be fun to spend time with family. Relax with your kids inside a location that is not promoting or giving candy away. Your children will enjoy the quality time with you and the fun instead of what candy they didn’t get.

Play a game. Card games can be a great way to help your children have fun. Card and dice games can help increase children’s thinking and problem solving skills.

Hit up the teal pumpkin houses instead of the orange. This year some very special individuals have decided to switch out the treats from candy to toys, other little items, or healthy treats. The reason, says Dr.Fuller, “Is the increase in allergies that kids have.”

Candy increases the potential for decay and cavities. Help establish healthy habits with your children this Halloween.


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