Fall Is Here!

Fall is here and the fun is just beginning. Now come the months of the holidays with food, fun and travel. "Before you begin your food festivities, here are five helpful tips to keep your childs smile healthy," Dr. Cameron Fuller.

1.     Spend time brushing and flossing. We know how hectic everyday is, but dont forget to spend 2 minutes a day brushing and flossing their teeth to prevent dental decay.
2.     Have them drink water. Water helps keep the mouth moist, which reduces the growth of bacteria. It also helps remove food from the teeth in between brushes.
3.     Eat fruits and vegetables. While Halloween and other holidays typically have mounds of candy and unhealthy treats, you can choose to limit your child's intake and instead choose healthy vegetables.
4.     If you plan to travel during the cooler months, dont forget the toothbrushes. They are the number one forgotten item when traveling.
5.     Take care of dental problems immediately. Visiting the dentist when a problem first arrives to alleviate a minor problem from becoming a bigger one.

Planning ahead can help create healthy choices for a lifetime. 
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