Halloween Time

Halloween is right around the corner & last post we discussed the three worst Halloween candies for kid’s teeth. This post we are going to focus on the best candy for their teeth. Here are four of the best treats for children, if they are going to participate in trick or treating.

Lollipops are a great way to increase saliva production. The more saliva that is produced the better chance your child has of warding off cavities. Saliva will rinse food from the surface of the teeth.

Hard candies are also good for increasing saliva and helping to reduce the risk of cavities. “After candy is consumed it is important to have your child brush their teeth in order to remove any leftover sugar from the teeth,” says Pediatric dentist Dr. Cameron Fuller.

Sugar-free gum helps to remove food particles from the teeth as well as increasing saliva. Dr. Fuller suggests, “While sugar free gum may not be a common Halloween candy, you can replace each piece of candy off of the worst candy list and switch it out for some sugar-free gum.”

Dark chocolate in small amounts is better for your child’s teeth instead of alternatives. Dark chocolate is known for its antioxidants.  

Halloween is only one day of the year, building healthy habits is a choice for a lifetime. Help your children make great decisions this Halloween.


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