Four Myths About Your Child’s Teeth

Pediatric dental care isn’t a suggestion, it’s a necessary part of protecting your children. Here are four myths you might have heard and the truth you may not be aware of.

1.     Baby teeth aren’t important. Even though baby teeth fall out they are very important for the foundation of your child’s smile. They’re not only a placeholder for adult teeth, but if there is decay in baby teeth, it can spread below the gum line and  impact adult teeth as well.
2.     Children can brush their own teeth. Once children reach the age where they have more dexterity they can get those hard to brush back molders, but up until that point they may need your help in doing a quality job brushing. You may want to have them brush on their own and then, Pediatric dentist Dr. Cameron Fuller recommends, “Brush again to make sure you have removed all of the food.”
3.     Natural juices can’t cause tooth decay. Any liquid that has sugar in it can cause tooth decay if your child’s teeth are not properly taken care of. If they are going to drink anything but water ensure afterwards they brush their teeth.
4.     Decaying teeth aren’t a problem unless there is pain. Once there is dental pain it means the nerve of the tooth is impacted and more extreme measures will need to be taken to correct the issue. Decay can go below the gum line and negatively impact both baby teeth and adult teeth. This is why Dr. Fuller recommends, “Visit your dentist on a regular basis.” Visiting the dentist on a regular basis ensures that any decay or cavities are taken care of right away.


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