3 Tips To A Healthy Start

Baby teeth matter more then you may realize.. Decay can spread down below the gum line and impact permanent teeth. So not only are they in place so your child can eat nutritiously, but those teeth become space-savers for adult teeth That’s why how and when you start their dental program is so important. “The sooner you begin to brush and take care of their gums the easier it will be for them to establish healthy habits that can last a lifetime,” suggests Dr.Cameron Fuller.
1.  Having your baby visit the pediatric dentist around their first birthday can help increase their chance of having a fantastic and healthy smile. The first visit can allow the dentist to check for any problems that can't be seen, get them used to a positive dental experience, and can provide you important nutritional information that will keep them smiling all through their childhood.

2. Brush your child’s teeth early on. Even before their teeth erupt it is important to begin to brush the gums. Do this by utilizing a soft bristle baby toothbrush. Keep in mind, milk that stays on an infant’s gums can cause decay.

3. Take care of problems early on. If your child has cavities take them to the dentist right away. Decay can spread, causing deep routed problems. Pediatric Dentist Dr. Fuller says, “The dentist should not be a scary place to your child or a place only associated with where they go when they have pain. “ Instead have them seen regularly and let them enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth.


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