4 Foods Your Child Should Stay Away From

The food our children eat can be great or detrimental for their teeth.  While some of the food you give your child may seem harmless, unfortunately there are some common properties which can negatively impact their teeth. Here are the top four from the American Dental Association.

1.     Chips are one of the number one item that should be avoided. Chips lack nutritional value and fill your kid up. The starch they contain causes debris to stick to the teeth, which allows bacteria to immediately begin attacking the enamel as it turns to sugar. While they are easy to grab and small enough to fit in your bag, youll want to avoid the pitfalls of this snack.

2.     Hard candy is another treat that holds no nutritional value and this one is loaded with sugar. The sugar is a breeding ground for bacteria and the sticky candy can unfortunately stay on your childs teeth even after they brush. "No time like the present," says Pediatric dentist, Dr. Cameron Fuller, "to replace the candy with carrot sticks."

3.     Avoid dried fruit and have your children reach for the fresh instead. The longer food stays stuck on your teeth the more opportunity it has to create cavities. Sticky foods are not as easily wiped away from the enamel of the teeth even when saliva is produced.

4.     Chewing on Ice for your younger child is a no-no in Dr. Fullers book. Ice while it seems harmless can actually chip the enamel of their teeth. Their teeth are fragile, help them protect them while they are young.

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  1. Thanks for these pediatric dental care tips! I never realized that dried fruit could be bad for your teeth. I will make sure to give my children snacks with less sugar in them. Thankfully my kids liked the suggestion you gave of switching the dried fruit to carrot sticks.

  2. I will have to be better at avoiding these foods. My kids love candy, but It would be a good idea for them to cut back on it a little bit. I'm sure it is really harming their teeth. http://www.DrPhilTheDentist.com


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