Protect Your Children’s Smile This Holiday Season

This holiday season safeguard your child’s smile by following these 5 tips from Dr.Cameron Fuller. While family is here and you are enjoying the holiday fun it is still possible to keep oral health habits, however it can be a bit tricky with sugary treats everywhere.  

  1. While you are out shopping and walking around looking at lights, bring healthy snacks along with you. It can be time consuming and tempting to stand in line to hand your kiddos a snack that is not great for their smile. Instead plan ahead what to bring..
  2. Take water. Water helps rinse food from their teeth after they have consumed a snack as well as decrease bacteria from becoming out of control in their mouth.
  3. Sugar free gum is a fantastic way for children to keep from getting dry mouth.
  4. Keep fruits and vegetables in snack packs close by. Not only are fruits and vegetables a healthy snack but it also helps to rinse any carbohydrates that are leftover from lunch that is stuck to their teeth.
  5. Make sure your children brush and floss before you leave the house on shopping adventures. There is no other habit that keeps their smile healthy the way that brushing and flossing does.

Your child deserves to have a healthy smile that lasts them a lifetime for holiday and family photos. For more information on keeping your children’s smile healthy, contact Dr. Fuller and his team.


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