Are You Saving Their Baby Teeth?

Doctors may be urging parents to hold onto their child’s baby teeth because one day it may save their life. Research shows that baby teeth contain stem cells that can ensure that your child has the ability to cure a number of diseases, as well as potentially grow tissue. 

You may be thinking how can a little baby tooth impact the overall health of my child. Research shows that when the right combination of chemicals are added to stem cells it can actually increase the number of stem cells in order to fight off life threatening diseases and other problems your little one may face in the future. 

While some parents are keeping cord blood for this benefit, don’t panic if you missed this possibility. You now have another option. The other nice thing is that you can plan to keep their baby teeth even if you didn’t keep cord blood. This option gives you some extra time to do your research and determine if this is an option for you and your family. 

If collected and properly stored you may find, when in an unfortunate situation, this is just the right medicine for your child. For more information on keeping baby teeth and their benefit contact Dr. Fuller and his team.


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