It's That Time Again!

Halloween is here and the candy may be lining the shelves of the stores, but that does not mean it has to be filling the counters of your kitchen.

The more access your children have to candy the more likely they are to consume a large amount which not only impacts their overall health but can decrease the strength of the enamel on their teeth.

If you have candy in the house you may want to put it out of reach of your children. Or make a deal with them on how much is an appropriate amount for them to consume. If they are going to eat candy, Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team recommend to have them brush their teeth right away in order to decrease their risk of decay.

While a small amount of candy is okay with the right precautions, too much sugar not only impacts their bodies, but it can have catastrophic long-term problems for their smile. As their baby teeth are the place holder for your little one’s adult teeth what happens to them is critical to the health of their smile.

For more information on keeping your child’s smile healthy over the Halloween season, contact Dr. Fuller and his team today.


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