Does Your Toddler Need A Filling?

When your little one gets a cavity you may be thinking there is no reason to get a filling because it is just a baby tooth and it is going to fall out. However, it is important to keep their baby teeth in great shape because it will help ensure their adult teeth are in great shape as well.

Once it is determined your child has a filling that needs to be filled, the dentist will determine whether a local anesthetic is needed or not. If they use one, numbing gel will most likely be placed prior to them receiving  the anesthetic. It is critical the dentist is able to complete the process without having your child afraid or moving.

There may be a bit of noise as the dentist begins to remove the decay from the tooth and the dental assistant helps to remove the debris and water from the tooth using suction. Once the tooth has been carefully cleaned out, the dentist will utilize a resin material to seal up the hole and adjust the bite for comfort..

For more information on dental fillings for your toddler or to schedule a dental appointment, contact Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team today.


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