Fall Is Here!

While there are tons of fall foods that are not healthy for your child’s smile here are foods that your children can consume without problems.  There are so many pumpkin recipes that are amazing and keep your child’s smile and body healthy. Here are the top 3 recipes that your child can enjoy this fall season.

1.     Apples. Apples are delicious and they are great for smiles. You will want to avoid the caramel apple and instead stick with peanut butter and other nutty proteins with their apples in order to keep it healthy.

2.     Pumpkin Smoothie. This is a fantastic and healthy treat when your kids are looking for something that tastes like fall. Substitute the sugar and other ingredients with healthier alternatives.

3.     Cook Pumpkin for a healthy side dish with your next dinner. Pumpkins are packed full of vitamins that are fantastic for their smile and your child’s over all health. Adding a little butter can give it some flavor but don’t go overboard.

There is no reason to avoid pumpkin this holiday season, just don’t load it down with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. Keeping it as clean and in as pure a form as possible to ensure that your child’s smile remains as healthy as can be. For more information on pumpkin recipes that are great for your child’s teeth, contact Dr. Fuller and his team.


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