Fall Is Here, But That Doesn’t Mean Your Kids Shouldn’t Drink Water!

Even though fall is here and the temperature is beginning to cool off remember to have your kids continue to consume water. Kids can become dehydrated even when they think they are not thirsty. Unfortunately, once they feel thirsty, this is already a sign of dehydration and the drier the mouth is, the more likely it is for the bacteria that is already present in your child’s mouth to cause cavities and other dental problems.

It may be difficult to get them to drink water if they do not feel thirsty. Try adding fresh fruit or vegetables to their water, and avoid sugary drinks, soda and other fruit juices as they not only cause further dehydration, but the extra sugar that is present in these drinks can create a long-term problem for you child’s smile.

As the weather cools down many children don’t think they need to drink water because they do not feel thirsty, but being thirsty only means that it is too late and that your child is already dehydrated and the bacteria in their mouth is already taking advantage of the opportunity.

For more information on how to increase your child’s desire to drink water during this fall season, contact Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team today.


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