What Type Of Toothpaste Should I Buy For My Child?

There are tons of toothpaste out there for your child and it can be confusing to determine not only when you should use toothpaste for your little one, but what kind should you be purchasing in order to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime. Teeth are the hardest item in our body and the enamel on the teeth, while it does wear down, with healthy habits is capable of making your smile last a lifetime. Taking extra care when purchasing toothpaste can help keep their smile healthy. Here are a couple of tips to buying toothpaste for your child.

Prior to your child being able to successfully spit you may want to avoid toothpaste that has fluoride in it. This is a great time to use a toothpaste with Xylitol in it. This will help protect their teeth while keeping them from having build up of plaque. You may want to consider which type of flavored toothpaste is right, especially with younger children. This can determine whether they build healthy habits for a lifetime.

Once your child can spit, there are a whole other variety of toothpastes available. It may be best to look for the. Also toothpaste flavors are more varied than the ones with Xylitol. So, keep it simple. Buy a flavor your child likes and pick one that has fluoride. It will help keep their teeth healthy.

For more information on toothpaste choices, contact Dr. Cameron Fuller & his team.


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