My Child Has Stains On Their Teeth-Now What?

Stains on your teenager’s teeth may make them crazy. You may have noticed they smile less, or attempt to hide their teeth when they smile. Your daughter may have even tried an at-home remedy off of Pinterest or Facebook they heard can remove the stains, but there is a better way. Instead of whitening with at-home remedies that do not work, have your daughter try these tips and tricks instead.

Start by increasing their fruits and vegetables. This may seem silly, but it can stop staining problems in its track. The high water concentration in fruits and vegetables (apples, pears and cucumbers) can help to keep food from sticking on the teeth and then leaving stains to tarnish the pearly whites.
Your teenager should avoid drinking teas, coffee and sodas. All of these items increase the risk of staining and can damage enamel as well. Fruit infused water or other types of water can help keep the saliva in their mouth flowing, which decreases bacteria in the mouth and overall staining.

Visit the dentist on a regular basis. Getting a thorough cleaning can help to remove plaque and tartar. When your child visits the dentist it is also an opportunity for them to talk to the pediatric dentist about any concerns they have and get further options if needed. While there are in-office and at-home options for whitening, the dentist can determine which one is more appropriate for your child.

For more information on whitening solutions, contact Dr. Fuller and his team today.


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